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Our Most Popular Services

Child Custody

If you are experiencing child custody issues, you may need a Private Investigator. Private Investigators can provide the critical evidence needed to lower child support payments, extend visitation alotments and even help obtain primary custody for some parents. 


Private Investigators work very closely with attorneys to obtain the evidence needed to advance your court case. Evidence such as: photos, video, criminal records, witness interviews, work history and financial records can sway the court's descision when it comes to custody. Private Investigators know what evidence to collect and attorneys know how to present that evidence. Working with a Private Investigator is more benefitial that working with an attorney alone.

Infidelity & Divorce 

The thought of your partner committing infidelity can be devastating. Whether you are looking to collect evidence for divorce litigation, closure or just peace of mind, let a Private Investigator help you through the process.


A Private Investigator can provide the following services:

  • Surveillance
  • Witness Interviews
  • Records Checks
  • Paramour Identification

Missing Persons & Locates

Private Investigators can assist in locating missing children and adults. Private Investigators have the knowledge and tools to generate leads that a private citizen may not. Whether you are searching for a missing child, Alzheimer's patient, missed connection, long lost classmate or old flame, a Private Investigator can help. 

Background Checks & Vetting

Do you have an acquaintance that you just don't feel right about? Are you looking to hire a babysitter? Do you own a small business and want to know who you are hiring? Are you considering dating someone you met online? In today's society, it never hurts to do your homework on someone. Let a Private Investigator conduct a background on anyone whom you plan on interacting with personally and professionally. A Private Investigator can provide details into someone's family life, criminal record, financial situation and much more. Protect yourself, your family and your business with a professional background check conducted by a licensed Private Investigator. 

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